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Coyote Cantina's Food Menu


  • Guacamole

    Tradicional - diced tomatoes/onions/jalapeño
    Morita - mango and spicy pepitas
    Chicharon habanero

    $6.95(Single), $8.50(Double), $11.50(Trio)
  • Coyote nachos

    melted chihuahua cheese/refried beans/guacamole/crema/jalapeños/pico de gallo/choice of roasted chicken or chorizo

  • Chorizo fundido

    mexican sausage/melted chihuahua- manchengo cheeses/salsa verde/tortillas

  • Queso blanco

    with a coyote kick!!

    $3.50(Small), $6.00(Large)


  • Papas bravas

    roasted yukon potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce/avocado/crema

  • Ceviche playero

    habanero tamarind lime shrimp/red onion/cilantro/plantain chips

  • Tostadas Tinga (2)

    Roasted Chicken Tinga/ pickled onions/queso freso/crema

  • Carne asada fries

    mexican fries/steak/pickled jalapeños/cheese/guacamole/chipotle mayo salsa

  • Acapulco quesadilla

    spicy shrimp or wild mushroom/melted cheese/crema/arugula/red salsa

  • Tamal oaxaca

    Roasted chicken tinga/red mole/ poblano crema/ farmer’s cheese


Sopas y Ensaladas

  • Skinny wile salad

    mix springs/ romaine/cherry tomatoes/cucumbers/jicama/corn/beans/avocado/ red onions/tortilla flakes

    $7.00, $1.50(Add Chicken), $2.00(Add Steak)
  • Road Runner Salad

    romaine/spinach/ strawberries/green apple/sun dried cranberries/ candy walnuts/tortilla flakes.

    $7.50, $1.50(Add Chicken), $2.00(Add Steak)
  • Sopa azteca

    roasted chicken/seasonal egetables/avocado/cheese/pico de gallo

  • Sopa fideo

    vermicelli (fideos) noodles/ chicken mix vegetable broth/cilantro



  • 24 hr carnitas

    braised pork/jalapeno pickled vegetables/cilantro/onion

  • Ay wey!!

    marinated skirt steak/poblano pepper/caramelized onion/roasted garlic/cilantro/jalapeno salsa

  • Al pastor

    Chile ancho rubbed grilled pork/red onion/cilantro/grilled pineapple

  • Beep beep

    roasted chicken/braised tomato & onion/chipotle/avocado

  • Vegetariano

    roasted butternut squash/requeson/poblano crema/pepita

  • Baja fish

    catch of the day/chipotle slaw/avocado/pico de perico

  • Ropa vieja

    braised short rib/onion/tangy tomatillo avocado salsa

  • Como tinga!!

    grilled shrimp/tomato/onion/avocado/cilantro/smoky morita salsa

  • La taquiza #1

    4 tacos/1 tamales/2 Elote

  • La taquiza #2

    6tacos/ 2 tamales/2 Elote


Platos Clasicos (Choice of refried beans, borracho whole beans or rice)

  • Carne asada

    grilled skirt steak/mild guajillo salsa/guacamole/lettuce/pico de gallo/grilled scallion

  • Fajitas

    poblano strips/red pepper/onion/guacamole/ queso asadero/crema

    $12.50(Chicken), $13.95(Steak), $14.95(Shrimp), $13.00(Mix Chicken/Steak), $12.00(veggie)
  • Enchiladas Maria (3)

    roasted chicken/topped with red mole sauce/ farmer cheese/crema

  • Carnitas dinner

    slow braised crispy pork/avocado/pickled vegetables

  • Chiles relleno (1)

    Fire roasted poblano pepper filled with 3 cheeses/topped savory tomato salsa/farmers cheese/crema

  • Pollo sin alas

    roasted amish chicken/ potatoes/spicy bbq sauce

    $13.00(half), $18.00(Whole)
  • Enchiladas Silvia (3)

    braised short rib / topped with roasted serrano tomatillo sauce / melted cheese and crema


Chef Favoritos

  • Chef Special

    steak sirloin over grandma potatoes / sauteed garlic spinach / topped with tomatillo cream sauce

  • Tilapia Vallarta

    marinated in chile guagillo and ancho / served with sauteed spinach and white rice



  • Coyote burrito

    steak/refried beans/ guacamole/crema/cheese/pico de gallo

  • Burrito con alas

    spicy buffalo chicken/ habanero bbq sauce/cheddar cheese/ refried beans

  • Veggie Burrito

    beans/cheese/green peppers/pico de gallo/mushrooms/onion


Wings and More

  • Torta Marranita

    pulled pork/ habaneroguava bbq sauce/red pickled onion/ chipotle mayo

  • Wild wile

    fiery morita chili bbq sauce/blue cheese cream

    $6.50(Sm), $11.75(Med), $14.00(Lg)
  • Torta Voladora

    grilled chicken/ chipotle mayo/avocado/onion/tomato/romaine/melted cheese/pickled jalapeños

  • Korean sassy

    ginger soy garlic-red chile sauce

    $6.50(Sm), $11.75(Med), $14.00(Lg)
  • Road runner blt

    short rib/cheddar cheese/bacon/ lettuce/tomato/crispy pickle/pretzel bun

  • Caribean

    habanero-guava bbq sauce/ poblano crema/chives

    $6.50(Sm), $11.75(Med), $14.00(Lg)
  • El coyote burger

    sirlion/chorizo/onion/tomato/arugula/guacamole/pickles/pretzel bun



  • Street elote

    corn on the cob/chipotle mayo/cotija cheese/pequin chile dust

  • Spanish rice

  • Refried beans

  • Borracho beans

  • Papas fritas

  • Crema

  • Tortilla chips

  • Salsa morita or habanero 4oz

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