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Coyote's Signature Cocktails

  • Coyote on fire

    reposado tequila/strawberry/cinnamon/fresh lime juice/fire

  • The forbidden

    blanco tequila/tamarind/fresh lime juice/angostura bitters/apple soda

  • Pancho punch

    green tea infused blanco tequila/passion fruit/fresh lemon juice/cayenne pepper

  • Los amigos

    joven mezcal, passion fruit/agave/fresh lime juice/mint/habanero hot sauce

  • Grandma’s favorite

    hibiscus infused blanco tequila/grand marnier/ fresh orange juice/fresh lime juice/ginger/habanero hot sauce

  • Pinata

    reposado tequila/pineapple/guajillo/fresh lime juice



  • Coyote margarita

    “on da rocks” blanco tequila/grand marnier/agave/ fresh lime juice

    $$12(16 oz.), $17(30 oz.), $24(50 oz.)
  • Casa margarita

    frozen or on the rocks–choose your flavor! (lime/strawberry/peach/mango/passion fruit/kiwi-banana/raspberry)

    $$10(16 oz.), $16(30 oz.), $22(50 oz.)
  • Chamoyada margarita

    frozen with chamoy (topped with fresh mix fruit)


The Other Favorites

  • Paloma

    don julio reposado tequila/grapefruit soda/fresh lime juice

  • Michelada

    mexican cerveza/fresh lime juice/spices

  • Mexican mule

    blanco tequila/ginger beer/grapefruit juice

  • Blanco mojito

    new way to savor this iconic drink. Simply replace the rum with don julio blanco tequila

  • Alina’s

    blanco tequila/celery juice/apple juice/ fresh lemon juice/honey/celery bitters/tonic water

  • Red sangria

    red wine/pisco/earl grey tea/orange juice/combier orange liqueur

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